A Sideboard Parasol

  A Sideboard Parasol  Never fear the written works That is where I work out my quirks In my head thoughts lead to death So I free them to clear my plate Therefore what is written here Or likely written anywhere Is just the ramblings of my fears Unpronounced and internal fragments Where fetid thoughts pass through Try their best to confuse and obfuscate But I am a smarter man, theses days I’ve learned to use my struggles It does not matter truth in here Deep within this eternal abyss It is swirling waves of fear and dread Clogging up my mental capacity. No matter what is reality, The sun the moon, eternity All of this I have seen And there is no coming back, From that. Dec 6, 2021 James E. Doud

Dogs in a Box

  Dogs in a Box The dogs, the dogs, They live in a box, Where they are fed. The dogs, the dogs, They beg, they beg, To go, to go outside. Outside, outside Where they run away, In their heads, they run. They run, they run, away,  Tethered to their box. Inside, inside, inside their box, They sleep, they eat, and dream. Inside the box, they are running free, In their heads they are running free. One day they will get away, One day they will run free. One day they will run through fields. And I will put them in their box. One last time. Dec 5, 2021 James E. Doud

Pouring Ginger Beer into a Glass

Here I am pouring Ginger Beer I made into a Glass.  It is not a very exciting video, but the content of the bottle is more important to me than the video of it going into a glass.  This was a twenty (20) day ferment, with about three days in the bottle.  It has been charged with my own mix of ginger and 10X sugar, and left for three days.  The first day, I tried some, it was very rough.  Today, I can honestly say that it is much smoother, and I think if I were to ramp this up a bit, to about 3 gallons (7 liters) I could age some of this in a wine bottle for about 6 or 8 weeks and see if it gets much smoother by then. I really think if I could start using a barley based mix it would come out with much more body, and about the same ABV.  I can't say what this is, but probably close to 3-4% ABV like a cheap wine.  That is what I got from it right off, is that it tasted like a cheap box wine.  Now it has mellowed a little, and has more of a ginger beer flavor. Now it would be really go

Campaign Site Comparison 2020

Upon first opening the campaign websites I can say this much, the Trump site is about Trump and only him, the Biden site indicates that it is aware I am from NY State and it is a cleaner more upbeat presentation. However neither one of them have any real answers to policy issues up front.  They are both just asking for donations, and you have to dig for data. This is a mistake, they both are reading my cookie data, both have access to marketing data, and neither one of them are making use of it properly.  If they really want to swing voters, they really need to utilize the technology to really target the voter, by targeting their campaign sites appropriately to the user. Just from my IP address they should at least know that I am from upstate NY, as my IP pings as Spectrum from Syracuse, NY. They should know I am a spectrum customer, as well.  My location should at least reveal a few issues that would be important to me.  If they continue further into the data available from my cookie

Enough of This Web

I think I have come to the point where the web is no longer useful to me.  If I go to a page and it pops up their fucking "look at me" shit, or anything else, or they run those fucking video ads, I am done with it.  This is limiting my experience on the web, to the point where I do not think I will be on the web for much longer. Everything is all about the fucking mobile shit, really, I do not own a fucking phone, and likely never will again, at least until they really are smart phones, and figure out a better interface than this fucking touch shit. Apparently going to school was a waste of time, because all that learning words and shit, I could have just stayed with the pictures of a child, and learned nothing about words, because apparently words are highly overrated. I really think I have had enough of this world, it is rather pathetic, and the generations that are coming along are going to be so fucking stupid I will not be able to tolerate the dumbfucks.  Hey , if

Fuck This Cheese

First off, why the fuck do these fuckers have to keep ucking with this shit, really pick a fucking look and stay with it.  Every fucking time I go to use this fucking thing they have changed it, so I have to figure out where everything is again.  Stop fucking with shit.  I think the problem is these fucking software people are to bored so they keep fucking with the shit, instead of finding something else to do.  This is never a problem in the manual labor world, because they are way to busy and work too hard, to worry about making shit look different all the time. So yea, what I really came here for is to say that I am never going to be a cheese maker, and I do not believe that anyone would have ever made cheese if it required you to stand there stirring the fucking shit for almost an hour.  These fucking idiots that write this shit now days are so full of themselves and so full of shit, there is no way people who had few hundred other things to do, sat around stirring milk for nearly

After All This

Part 1 Upon a hill we may rise, to see the devastation that below us lies.  After the sun set upon this civilisation, what remains is the remnants of the humans and the rise of what comes after.  There are always echoes of the before, after the next wave comes. We thought all too much of ourselves. That was our short sightedness.  I shall not claim glory, for what remains is often only the worried and tired, waiting for the inevitable end. Part 2 Slit her wrist to see the blood.  She sighs, it is better to see the in without, than to let the out in.  It runs down her arm, thick and warm, not like blood at all, but more congealed.  The light is dim, yet it reflects off the crimson trail on her arm. It takes very little time for the pills to work.  Combined with the alcohol it speeds the suppression to the brain, which slows the respiration.  One breath labors to be known, the next may be the last or perhaps two more. She attempts to lift her hand, it no longer responds,